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THE APP for Windsurfer 
     and Kitesurfer


> Track your Sessions

> Analyze your Progress

> Optimize your Gear

Windsport Tracker session overview screenshot



With WindsportTracker you can record a new windsurf or kitesurf session with GPS doppler speed accuracy from the app.


In case you have already another device for recording (like GW60 Watch etc. ) you can also import the recorded sessions either from GPX or SBP file format.

It is also possible to add a session manual, but be aware that in this case only the duration and gear usage can be analyzed. 

Make notes for every session to remember your setup and compare it with other sessions.

Windsurf Session overview
kitesurf statistics

Analyze every session and see details about:

  • planing, non plaining duration

  • distance sailed planing and non plaining

  • number of success and planing jibes

  • all details about your speed (max, 2s, 5s, 10s, 1h, 24h, 100m, 250m, 500m, 1NM, alpha250, alpha500 and alpha1000)

  • see if you sailed the optimum course to go up wind or down wind based on VMG speed

Compare the data monthly and yearly to see how you make progress


See how many times you used your gear. Is it still worth owning it or would it make more sense to adjust your range a bit. 

Analyze your performance with each part of your gear. 


See your most successful jibing board, your fastest sail / kite and favourite fin.

Make notes how to tune your gear properly based on wind conditions (high wind, normal wind, light wind)

Windsurf and or kitesurf gear list

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